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Why Investors Are Afraid of Paradigm Shifting Tech

Pop entrepreneurial advice books, columns, blogs, all love to say: “Think up a disruptive idea, then go for it,” as if it’s just another task on your becoming a billionaire to-do list, nestled between “pick up some sprouted bread + organic avocados” and “choose Ferrari color.”

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Licking the creamy center out of Humaning

We all get it. You have to write the feel-good fluff that will please your CMO, or the board—the marketing mission equivalent of cotton candy. We’ve all been there. But Mondelez marketing team, you did this to yourselves…

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The Ultimate Marketing Advice Post Template

Marketing advice. It’s predictable like what happens two hours after a burrito supreme. The typical format is a vapid series of trite, yet herculean steps with zero elaboration: “First come up with a solid strategy based on sound consumer research, make your messaging emotional and idea-first, then leverage social and influencers in a 360 execution!”…

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