I’m Christopher Demetrakos. Thanks for stopping by.

In 2013, I started a company called Manzanita KK, a Tokyo-based psychometric marketing company. With the help of some incredible people, much smarter than I, we built AXIOMTREE, the world’s first comprehensive cognitive profiling platform that reads psychological characteristics from data sets. These characteristics tell us how to create cognitively resonant communication (CRC). CRC ensures that the message is not only seen by consumers, it appeals to them in a comfortable way, greatly increasing the probability they will take action (read: pay money for whatever you’re selling).

Many have told me it’s crazy weird psych magic, but it’s no different from another human being watching someone else’s reactions to what they are saying, and then choosing to engage in a different, more effective manner that keeps their attention, and maybe even results in behavior change (can I buy you a drink?). If you see someone wrinkle their nose, turn away, or otherwise indicate they are put off by you, then I have no doubt, given how present-of-mind you are, you will change tack. It’s normal. Our neocortex is built for this kind of social wrangling.

(Best pickup line ever: “Honey, you look finer’na new setta snow tires.” It works every time. EVERY time).

Prior to Manzanita, I was the Western dude at Dentsu Tokyo for 13 years, where the first utterance out of any other staff member’s mouth, upon meeting for the first time, was “I have seen you in the elevator.” Von Restorff in full effect.

M&A was my first assignment (BCOM3, Publicis equity acquisition), then I moved to mainstream advertising, doing accounts, strategy, and creative copywriting for clients like Coke, GAP, LV, Fox film, Benz, and a burlap sack full of others.

As I’m sure you are aware, humans pay attention to negative news significantly more than positive news. This is due to negativity bias, we are hardwired to look for danger, that is what has kept humans alive through the millennia. The advertising industry is full of finger-pointing pontificators who apply salve to their egos by insinuating that others in our industry are stupid. I never want to be that guy. So I’ll just say it: we are all stupid. I am doing my best to help us all become less stupid, and I promise to stay true, honest, and shoot straight here, analytics and traffic be damned. You don’t have to like or subscribe, share or connect. Unless you want to. I’m just happy you stopped by, given the statistical improbability of you doing so. Thanks, you sexy black swan.

If you like what I have to say, I’m @demetrakos pretty much everywhere, connect with me and let’s talk ad nonsense, the brown sound, french bulldogs, jutting little finger tea snobbery, the finer points of unagi-don, and highland coos.