Advertising Executives are (Perceived) Liars

In 2022, Ipsos conducted a survey in the UK, asking people to state whether they expect people in various professions to tell the truth.  As you can see, nurses are the most trustworthy, followed by engineers, and doctors. However, at the very bottom, you find “general politicians,” and only slightly less mendacious scumbags: advertising executives.  […]

Licking the Creamy Center Out of Humaning

We all get it. You have to write the feel-good fluff that will please your CMO, or the board—the marketing mission equivalent of cotton candy. We’ve all been there. But Mondelez marketing team, you did this to yourselves. And perhaps the person who conjured up this gemstone has not yet accrued enough distance from the […]

Why Investors Are Afraid of Paradigm Shifting Tech

You are in a pitch. The board room is big, and a smallish gaggle of venture capitalists are squirming in leather chairs at the opposite end of a table that required the death of a small hardwood forest to manufacture, trying to align their postures in the sweet spot between arrogance and indifference. This isn’t […]